The Great Gujarati Shopping Season

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Social media taking on Social animal!

If you are reading this, it means you have medium to high exposure to the cyber world. The topic of this blog is also regarding similar people like u, who have access to internet; data enabled handsets. Advanced innovations in communication field have shortened communication gap among people. Social media has affected lives of youth like a rage.

I have seen people changing before and after their debut on social media! Introverts have become extroverts and extroverts have become over-extroverts! I can bet you if you compare any of these people’s resume and their social networking sites, his/her social site would be more updated at any given day! People have started to express their selves. But what I have found over the time is that it’s a viral effect. The person who is not a regular visitor of ‘www’ finds himself a frog in the well.  This forces that person to open his gadget and jump into the sea of social media. Being an internet savvy is the minimum qualification that any person should be having these days.

From the time one wakes up to the time one goes to bed, staying connected online is must.  Earlier people used to get their pictures clicked because they wanted to capture that moment for lifetime. But now the only motive behind getting clicked is changing the display picture and let the whole world know that even I am enjoying my life! People share each and every incidents of their 24 hour day; I mean almost each and every incident. A person who is living in the other town, who would have seldom talked with the guy would be knowing that this guy is ‘feeling’ upset, but that guy’s mother would not have the slightest idea that her son is upset.   This is the height of addiction to the virtual world of social media.  If someone gets a new job, buys a new car, enters into a brand new relationship!, he/she instantly logs in and announces the same to the world. Of course, there is nothing bad in it as this is why social media exists. But my observation calls thing an indication of lack of self confidence or recognition. People, especially youngsters start comparing their lives when they see their friend’s so called ‘awesome life’ on these sites. Deep down they feel inferior, gloomy and start running in the fake race to prove their existence on the earth. How stupid is that? Majority of the time, we keep thinking about what people would think about us and modify our actions even if it is at the cost of sacrificing our relation with our family members or not doing things that we actually love to do. Why? Because if we will allocate our time in these activities, then we will lose our grip in chat world.


But when you turn the coin, you see the other side of social media. It helps you spread any information around the planet in count of seconds without any cost of advertisements. It helps you shop from your home, gives you all the information that libraries all around the world can’t provide, makes your payment with one click, books ticket for your outing and also finds you better life partner; you can ignore word ‘better’ if you want.

So now the question is, ‘Is the social media a friend or a foe?’

There is no absolute answer to this question. Social media can be proven as a great help if used in our favor. Time, Speed, Reach & Cost. Social media proves its superiority in all these aspects. So let the social media not control you or your actions. Enjoy your life whether you are online or offline!

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Naught News Channels

News, as its full form suggests should ideally provide us information from all four directions i.e. North, East, West and South, covering a small state to limitless solar system. But since quite a time, these 24*7 hour news channels have scrambled the four letters of NEWS, making it SNWE, which when unfolded reads as ‘Small News, Wide Entertainment’!

Media as a whole has a serious responsibility on itself of providing true picture of the society to the people at large through various means. But to my disappointment, television news channels are not using their resources where it is indeed required.

So many news channels are coming up, each of them claiming to be the #1 news channel in the country. I fail to find any point of difference among them. You start your day with a cup of tea and a newspaper. Now when you press the remote and tune one of the many lookalikes news channels, you will see very interesting headline which says that it will showcase you 100 news in 10 minutes (10 minute me 100 khabare), and you trifle your 10 minutes because that 10 minute short video will break one small news in 10 pieces and after 10 minutes you realize that those ‘100’ news where nothing new but the same 10 news headings which you had read on the front page of your newspaper.  I accept, this way of telecasting news is really new and admirable specially in the morning time as people don’t have much time to spare, but what I don’t like in this programme is false commitment because they actually come up with only 10 news instead of 100. Just by breaking a one line sentence into five lines does not make it 5 different news items! Now these fast track news programmes are followed by astrology shows where men and women in different getups appear on the screen and give tips to the viewers on how to make their day and life better. I strongly feel these people first need to get some tips on how to dress up.

 076 India TV indiatv

The noon shows target house wives as this time interval is majorly dominated by them, of course for the rest of the time also they dominate! These shows display daily soap actresses doing stupidest things and the TV anchor accompanying her.

News is glamorized. Rajat Sharma, a senior TV show anchor of the famous old show ‘Aap ki adaalat’ also could not separate himself from adding tint of glamour to his new avatar of the same show. Media is more interested to know when Shahrukh and Salman will again start talking instead of Modi and Nitish Kumar! And one of the most not so good things about news channels is that they stick to a particular news item for few days only, till it is on people’s mind. Chopper deal with Italy, Real reason behind murder of Sarabjit Singh, Revelations of Arvind Kejriwal, Protest of Anna, Worn out IPL scandal after glorious performance of team India in champions trophy, Coalgate scam, Status of the accused former railway minister Mr. Pawan Bansal and many more of course. Hope I was successful to pull you back in the past and make you realise apart from very serious issues like whether Aishwarya and Abhishek will have second baby or not, there are other equally important issues as well!

 vlcsnap-00179 1 images


Today, there are exuberant news channels with whom one has to compete with so it is totally understandable to fight hard for your survival, but rather than telecasting frivolous news again and again, they should explore some unknown areas of our country where serious issues prevails. Rural India has so much hidden potential in it, but people there do not have weapons to fight the war. There are so many people from whose life, all of us can learn important lessons but who are concealed in the society. Media has all the power to bring them out.

We just cannot single handily blame media for this, even there are people who are entertainment hungry and they are so engrossed in the entertainment quotient that they just can’t digest serious news, they either need glamorous news reader or they need a spicy presentation of the news. They want to enjoy the news just like a 3 hour movie. And yes, if we see another side of the coin, we have some resourceful people in our media who has taken charge to change the country and the way people think. They held regular debates on various important issues and work along it till some solution is carried out. But we need more of them to rule the TV screen and educate people to differentiate between NEWS and SNWE!

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Dear Mom……..Forever Yours……..

A very happy mother’s day to all the beautiful moms on the planet earth.

It’s time to write something upon the most innocent and most loving creation of the god. We call her ‘mom’.  I used to write really nice essay on the subject ‘My mother’ when I was in school because I knew it was going to be asked and will fetch me some handsome marks. The thing to notice is that almost the whole class used to have the same characteristics in his or her mom! I wonder how is that possible. But it’s very likely to be true. A mother can be of any caste or color, but what she does for her child can never be differentiated. An animal may not be gifted with all the senses that a human is, but the way these animals take care for their babies is just the same as any of our moms do.

As you grow up, you find it difficult to do those things with that much ease and speed.  Still I have tried to write a small thanks note to my mom and I dedicate this letter to all other moms as well because I believe what I have written is what all the sons and/or daughters would also be wanting to say.

Dear Mom,

Wishing you a happy mother’s day.

Thanks for being my mom.

Thanks for nourishing me with best of mannerisms.

Thanks for loving me equally from the day I was in you till today.

Thanks for waking me up every day for my college. (I bet you it was the toughest task of all!)

Thanks for swallowing my anger when I lost control on myself.

Thanks for giving me that lovely smile after my tiresome day.

Thanks for having a trust in me in all my decisions.

& thanks for giving me this life that I am living right now.

Mother’s day, originated from western culture, is one of the greatest gifts west people have ever given us. So celebrate mother’s day. Gift her something. Sit beside her and ask her how her life is. This is the least we can do for our mom compared to exuberant love she gives to us. Most of us miss out on it.  Sometimes because of our personal or professional reasons, we do not give her time, get frustrated on her. But to the contrary, she still keeps on pouring her affection on us.

 Baby and mother

I believe a mother lives her life in three stages. In the first stage, she is with her parents.  In the second stage, she gets married and lives with her husband. And in the last and the most important stage of her life, she lives with her child. Of course, her parents and her husband are still in the picture! But her focus now is on her kid and how she can give him the best of the knowledge, the best of the life style, the best of the education, and the best of the civility. Her world gets surrounded by her child. She very easily reads her kid’s state of mind without the kid uttering a single word.

 Let your mom know how much you love her.

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3 Short Stories

Some days ago, I happened to attend a conference where I had the opportunity to listen to a great author and a greater narrator from IIM-A, Mr. Prakash Iyer. He had shared some nice stories at that day which were simple though very sharp. I thought if I share some of the stories he told that day with you all, it will certainly be useful to you all as well.

Enjoy his 3 small stories.

1) Idol and Sculptor

Many years ago, there was a sculptor in a small village. He was very famous for his artistic idols. Once his friend visited his house and saw two huge identical idols. He wondered why someone would order to make two identical idols. He asked the sculptor about the one who ordered two same idols to which the sculptor said that order was only for one idol. Surprised by his answer, he inspected the sculptor why he wasted his time and resources in making two idols instead of one. The sculptor said that there was a crack in the first idol so he made the second one. His friend went closer to both idol and came back after sometime with more surprised look. He told the sculptor that there is no crack in any of the idols. Hearing this sculptor took his friend near to the idol which had a small crack at the back which was not visible very easily. His friend found it silly of the sculptor to make the whole idol again rather than selling the first one as its crack was hard to discover. He asked the sculptor that why he didn’t sell the first idol itself because no one would be able to get to know about the crack in the idol. Now the answer that he got from the sculptor was very insightful. He just said: ‘I knew that there is a crack in the idol’


Don’t lie to yourself. It is very much possible that you do not work ethically or give your best try but still manage to get appraisal from your boss. You may not be working hard to source good marks but still able to top the class by hook or crook. These all things will give you temporary moments of happiness but they will be followed by a sense of guilt. Guilt of being at a wrong position. Guilt of receiving false accolades. Guilt of being a liar. And that guilt keeps on hitting you harder and harder. Why to be under guilt then? Accept things where you lacked. That sculptor could sell the cracked idol but then that thing will haunt him day in and day out that he did wrong. In the end, you should be able to have a sound sleep with a smile on your face when you go to bed at night.

2) Running after Rabbit

After girls, Rabbits are one of the toughest living beings in the world whom we can’t catch easily! But one boy was still trying his hand to catch one white rabbit in the garden of his bungalow. He tried it for around 5-10 minutes to catch that white bunny but could not do it. When thought it’s tough to take that rabbit in his hand, the boy started running after other brownish and less attractive rabbit thinking that they would be comparatively easy to catch. But his bad luck kept following him there also. Tired after one more running session, he finally went for the black rabbits that were least attractive in looks.

White-rabbit-wallpaper rabbit_black_wallpaper-1024x768


Tough things always demands tougher tries. It’s not easy to reach at the top but the joy you get at the first place is nowhere closer when you are a first runner up. Similarly, the amount of effort a person gives for the top most position is way more extra than the one puts at the second place. We set higher goals for ourselves in the beginning but gradually we lower the bars and compromise with the lower benefits. Don’t compromise on your dreams, they are YOURS. It may take longer time than anticipated but it would be worth a wait when you will hold a winner trophy one day. Remember: ‘Don’t change your rabbit!’

3) An Elephant and a Page

Once there was a baby elephant. He was full with fun and adventure. Whenever it was possible, he used to escape from his owner’s control and started roaming around here and there. That put his owner in great difficulty. After having enough of this from the baby elephant, his owner fixed his one leg to the ground with the help of a page. So now, as soon as the small elephant tried to go out of his little house, the fixed rope used to have traction with his delicate legs and an immense pain would run throughout his body. The poor elephant had no strength to kick the page, remove it from its root and start running wherever he wanted. This used to happen every time when the desire to go out of his house stimulated in his mind. He had to sacrifice his favorite activity as it caused him severe pain. Days passed but his fear towards that rope hinged with the page remained.


Even today you will come across scenes where a mammoth elephant stand still when one of his legs is fixed to a small page with a rope.  He being a hulk can easily thrash that page but he won’t do that. Reason being THAT fear. Fear of pain. Rather, fear of repetitive pain. He has related that rope and page with hat unbearable pain he received when he was very young. Though he is a giant structure now, still he is not able to remove that fear from his mind.


What this story teaches you is to stop letting the events that had happened in past ruin your present. We have a very bad habit of remembering the only things which we shouldn’t remember! Some unpleasant things do happen to us in our life that can cause us pain, physically or mentally or both ways. But that doesn’t mean that we memorize them and don’t get out of it. Lessons exist so that we can learn from them, not that we get to know about our weakness and protect ourselves for the rest of our life. It is nowhere proved that you can’t try that thing in which you had tasted failure in past. If this be the case, the fisherman won’t be again going into the sea to catch the fish after heavy storm; the mountaineers won’t be climbing again and again on tall mountains. Don’t set back because of your past. Come on front to change the future.  Failed in love? Fall one more time instead of blaming yourself or doubting your worth. Rejected at interview? Check out the reasons behind your rejection and work towards it. Could not achieve target for this month? Find out how others did it and start doing it your own way. Don’t be like that elephant. Don’t be hesitant in trying out things because you could not do that sometime back in the past.

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Take Care…………….Till The End

Starting of anything is always cheerful. Even study seems to be fascinating in the first few days of new semester or new course, but then we realise that it was just a crush not a pure love!  Same thing gets repeated elsewhere also. Old no more seems to be gold!

Think of our own. You would be having your vehicle. Remember those days when it was newly born! I mean to say when it was recently purchased. Utmost amount of care would have been taken by you to make people notice you and your new guide. But days passed and your love towards your vehicle failed! The layers of dust on it increased at a rate which can give complex to Indian population!  The irritating sound of its engine begged you to admit it to the service centre but you ignored its critical condition and kept riding it.

This was the case with the products. Let’s see a different perspective involving people.  People are the most crucial ones to deal with in the world as they have the ability to react with equal force but in opposite direction when made to do things which they don’t want to do.

Any relationship start with lot of hopes, hope to be together, hope to help each other, hope to spread smile, hope to share pain, hope to care for each other! But as it happens in exams, very few relationships pass with flying colors, rest fails and gets admission in other colleges!  But the ones who can sustain it for a longer period of time are the true ones as they have been tried and tested a lot.

Why these kinds of things happen? Why the person who was once a dear one is now deported? Why do we have the time for the silliest things in the world but not for the things which we loved to do at some point of time in the past?

Things would have been much better if we show same kind of enthusiasm and commitment towards every responsibility we had taken up in the past. Beginning a new thing and continuing it with proper care is equally important. That’s why after-sales services are highly emphasized by companies!

What we fail to realise is one should not speed up in taking up responsibility but once you take it, complete it satisfactorily. We have to give our best shot for we have willingly chosen it.

Even in corporate world, brighter are the names that kept holding ethics from the day they took baby steps to the day they bid goodbye to their positions (Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthi). Hear any of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s match winning comments, you will always find him harping upon to concentrate on the upcoming matches. What makes Amitabh Bacchan work at this age? Why are the movies of Aamir Khan and Leonardo Dicaprio most awaited by the crowd? Because they take their profession seriously and chose to work on very selective stories which are new for audience.

Talking specifically about human relations, there is one another argument also and that is taking someone for granted.  I don’t know when John Abraham in one of his fairness cream ads tells you to ‘take care’, he actually means it or not but I can be sure of one thing and that is there would be very few people on the earth who would tell you to take care and very very few of them who actually means it. Your job is to find those minority people and keep them close to your heart.

Take Care....Till The End

So keep caring and keep being cared but till the end!

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Proud To Be A Gujarati

Gujarat. A name which is a brand in itself. A name whose meaning is similar to growth.

Speak of any field and you will get a Guajarati there. Sports, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Literature. All these fields are incomplete without a ‘Gujju’ out there!

Not being a metro doesn’t affect Gujarat. People are moving from metro to Gujarat for better prospectus. The case of Tata Nano is very well known. What is it there in Gujarat that attracts bunch of people here? The answer lies within the pulse of Gujarat and the way it is built. Gujarat has never shown tardiness in making useful decisions. It is very well geographically placed in the map of India which gives it equal access to sea ways and road ways resulting into boosting many related industries like fisheries, tourism, transportation etc.

The oil refinery in Jamanagar is the biggest in the world. Gujarat is on the verge of being called as an ‘Auto hub’ of India. Surat and Ahmedabad are declared as the fastest growing cities in the world. IIM-A, IIT-G, NID and MSU have produced so many talents over the years.  Pranav Mistry, a boy from Palanpur, Gujarat is globally renowned technocrat and his work in sixth sense is appreciated by all. Talking about infrastructure, river front project and local transportation service BRTS has significantly improved the face of Ahmedabad. BRTS is ready to be replicated in other cities of Gujarat as well. In entertainment industry, Gujarat has contributed by giving people like: Paresh Raval, Aruna Irani, Prachi Desai, Himesh Reshamiya etc. Gujarat has provided base to our country to fight against the British through leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel.

Apart from these things, one more thing for which Gujarat is well known is its delicious food. People over here are foodie. Food industry is going on rampant in the state. Even the people are unique like their food. They are very fun loving and mirthful. No other state celebrates so many holidays in a year.  Gujarat is third largest market for Bollywood films.

The semblance of Gujarat is such that it attracts people across all other states of the country.  People from different states find Gujarat a better place to live and prosper. And they are right. It is a place where there is no particular religion to be followed, it is not dominated by any majority caste, it is a place where all kinds of industries have their footsteps and it is definitely not an unsafe place for girls.

People are hard working and business minded. They can even sell death to ‘Yamraj’! (God of death). There is a trait of leadership in people out here. Narendra Modi is a perfect example of it. His leadership skills were one of the biggest reasons behind growth story of Gujarat.

gujarat-map1If we try to imagine the map of India without Gujarat in it, it will lack that edge which only Gujarat can provide it. That’s why Amitabh Bachan says:

|| कुछ दिन तो गुजारीये गुजरात में ||

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Miraculous Modi

Gujarat is a luxuriant state today. Many of the things which are there in Gujarat today existed before a decade also but the place at which Gujarat is right now would not have been achieved without one man. And guess what? He is not Rajnikant! But none other than the longest serving chief minister of Gujarat, Mister Narendra Modi! There is something in that person which gives him this status in and out the political world. Even the opposition people don’t have a single word against him when confronted with the growth that Gujarat has seen in last years. It is not a cake walk to be portrayed as a front candidate for the role of prime minister in the upcoming 2014 election. Till date he hasn’t uttered a single word which describes his desire to sit in the centre but people in the town has already put him against Rahul Gandhi and have started comparison. This is the level of confidence or over confidence as some say, people have on Modi.

Understanding Modi is a very interesting thing. He is not just a great leader but a visionary, a political genius. America has denied visa to him on account of his possible involvement in Godhra riots. May be the authorities in US have a fear of Modi taking over their roles! No. but on a serious note, Narendra Modi knows it all. He knows that to be able to grow, one has to integrate with the outer world.  Look at the vibrant summit and his recent talks with European Union. Once former chairman of Tata Group, Mr. Ratan Tata had said, ‘You are a lunatic person if you don’t invest in Gujarat!’ When you help someone when he needs it the most, you create highly favorable opinion about yourself in the mind of that person. Modi extended his support to Tatas when they were in urgent need of land. This kind of act spread strong message around the country of Gujarat being the best and if not best, at least safest place to invest in. There was no surprise when after Nano act, Maruti Suzuki also came rolling in Gujarat when faced problems in Manesar plant.


One of things that differentiate him from the other politicians is his ‘Marketing skills’. When he does something, the whole country knows it.  Be it his innovative election campaign in the last one sided Gujarat elections or his timely presence on social networking sites. Be it his speech at the biggest commerce college in the country or series of vibrant summits or roping in Amitabh Bachan for making Gujarat a tourist spot. He spends heavily on marketing his work, maybe he would be overdoing it but I don’t see a problem in it. It’s better to spend some extra money on these things rather than wasting money on feeding terrorists in our jails or wasting on the culprits of accused in varieties of scams Congress has in its account. He has always been a rankle for his counter parts.  Allegations against him regarding riots seem to be stale now.

 Narendra Modi (2)

Modi enjoys an unimaginable and unbeatable support from people specially Gujaratis. People are emotionally connected with him. This love is the reverberate of expectations people have from him. What else do you want from your people?

Modi has grown and developed himself always. If you watch his speech 6-7 years ago and now, there would be a great difference in it. There is a sense of maturity in his words now. He has realised that the whole nation is watching him. Another difference that you would notice in his interviews and speech would be his constant mention of country as a whole. It indirectly indicates his wish for long jump to Delhi! And what’s wrong with it? When we work efficiently for an organisation for quite a sometime, we expect to reach a higher designation. The same way he is also hopping for his promotion!


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I Am Gonna Miss My College Days!

31st January 2013. This date is not just the end of a month but also the end of the two most fruitful and fantastic years of my life.  Actually ‘End’ is not a good word to use for my college life because it will never end. I will cherish memories I could collect in these 19 months. Yes, I could not even complete 24 months. This is the disadvantage of being placed at an MNC!

I went through a significant transformation in these two years, Informational transformation. When I got admitted, there was a lot of ‘economies of scope’ to impart knowledge in me! One thing I can say is that I have become more sociable, more presentable and more knowledgeable. And I can bet all my mates feel the same for their selves.

Everything was special about my college. From my faculties to my friends, from the canteen food to infrastructure! I had learned some or the other thing from each of them. Faculties had immense impact on me. They didn’t just teach management fundas but also gave practical exposure of things till their limits, taught us how to lead our lives better. Friends, I believe they are the fixed assets! What to say about them? Each one was unique, is unique. When people start pulling each other’s legs, it didn’t matter whether you have got first rank or you have flunked in the exam.  When it comes to college infrastructure, I must say that it was smartly put up architectural structure which facilitated more than six courses at a time with area of a small apartment! Its mounting height symbolizes never ending spirit to achieve success. And then comes the part which gave the greatest lessons to me (I am sure to rest of the SLIMians also), the canteen. It many time practically taught me that ‘Don’t rely much upon anyone; you never know you have to live without them someday.’ During my engineering term, I was not staying at home for most of the time which made me a fast food freak. I was actually very dependent on fast food but after arriving here, I could easily end my relation with fast food and then I lived happily ever after! The only thing that I liked in the product portfolio of my canteen was readymade wafers! They were really tasty!  Jokes a part, but college canteen was a fun place to be at. I sincerely owe it many happy moments.

Two toughest days at my college were the first and the last days. On the first day, as I was not knowing any of them, it was tough to adjust among the heterogeneous crowd & on the last day, it was tough because I was knowing all of them and I knew they weren’t worth missing. The only thing that kept haunting my mind when I was greeting them the last time was that I won’t be seeing these faces now on a daily basis.

I am not much of an emotional person per say but when you spend some of the most important days of your life at a place; you are obligated to get connected there. But there is no point of being gloomy and hinder the new things that are going to come in my life. Rather I should be saving all the moments of these two most fantabulous years and keep them secured in a virus free place.

Will miss you :(

Will miss you 😦

Let the new phase of my life as well as all who are and who will be starting a new beginning, prove to be a greater than this one. 🙂

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Obsolescence of Originality

‘Innovation is something which separates the leader from the follower’ These are the words of one of the greatest innovators as far as the technology is concerned. Late Steve Jobs from ‘Apple’.  His quest for innovation has made ‘Apple’ one of the most valued companies around the globe. Had he also provided ‘me too’ products like other competitors, ‘Apple’ would have been just a name of fruit today!

Everyone likes innovation, or just to keep it simple, everyone likes see/hear/experience things which are not usual in nature. This is the reason why Hollywood flicks like Aviator, Avengers and Batman generates so much excitement globally.  We even like to see to a political leader when he does something different. (Modi adapting to Hologram technology to be able to be seen by many people at the same time across various geographical locations during recently concluded Gujarat elections).

The biggest thing which is needed to be able to come up with these kinds of innovation is: EFFORT. But when I look around, I see nothing but imitations, emulations. Think of some of your favorite reality shows: KBC, Big Boss, Indian Idol, Roadies, Master Chef.  Think of some blockbuster movies from India:  Ghajini, Singham, Rowdy Rathore. All copies! Of course, these people have paid heavy sum of money to remake the movies or launch local version of international shows but when we get to know about their ‘Copy’ act, we don’t much relate to them. Pritam, music director, who now and then gets involved in accusations of copying from overseas music. If imitation would have been a serious crime in India, then this person would have been ‘The most wanted’!

The thing that I don’t appreciate is: These people quell originality and bank upon someone else’s success.  How easy it is to source the required stuff, assemble them and adapt it to local taste. Very easy.

I don’t feel the need to do something of this sort. Are we running so much out of ideas, originality that we copy the full model of someone else’s? Why to ensconce, when we have the ability to face the challenges.  We have so many young, efficient brains in every industry that we don’t need to emulate others. If an Indian can invent ‘Zero’, if an Indian can win Oscar, if an Indian writer can be in the list of ‘100 most creative people in business’, can’t other Indians follow them? Can’t we ‘imitate’ them?


Be original. It will never go out of fashion! And impalpable benefits that come along with it would make you feel good. You will feel more responsible, more courageous towards your product. Be it a movie or a cell phone.

I would have found thousands of articles on this subject on internet, but then the feeling I get while writing the last paragraph of this blog is invaluable. Feeling of satisfaction, feeling of pride and feeling of achievement.  Just awesome. You feel like it’s your own baby and of course it is.

All Rights Reserved!

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