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An Accident Sight

I was waiting for my colleague today morning at a busy cross road and after few minutes, as I turned around and saw that a water carrying vehicle collided with a glamorous 2 wheeler carrying two young college going girls … Continue reading

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Careless Woman

Today I read in a newspaper that a mother of four succumbed to death after getting beaten up by her husband. What made the ‘MAN’ angry on his wife was the fact that she could not give birth to a … Continue reading

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Law of Frustration !

I was at parlour today which kept food items such as biscuits, snacks, beverages etc. I was trying to make a dialogue with the retailer to sell my stock to him. He was a skinny guy, father of two. There … Continue reading

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Something like LOVE!

Ethan (read as Eethan) was ardent as today was his first day in 10th. One of the reasons behind his happiness was because he will be meeting some old and very new faces today as it was first day of … Continue reading

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Good Little Things!

Apart from our professional and personal goals, we should also have some selfless goals which are not directed for any individual but for the society at large. Through this blog, I am sharing some of the areas where we can … Continue reading

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Be your own God

We have benchmark for everything. For Distance, it’s miles. For Time, it’s minutes. For Sadness, it’s tears. For Happiness, it’s laughter. For Professional success, it’s money. For Cars, it’s Rolls-Royce. For Handsets, it’s Apple, so on and so forth. The … Continue reading

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In childhood days, we used to play with magnets and toys which had magnet in it. In those days, it was nothing more than a toy or a science object to experiment with. But now, if I consider magnet, it … Continue reading

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Yes, I work in Sales!

Yes, I work in Sales Yes, my day starts with commitments Yes, I roam in narrowest lanes of small towns in a search that never ends! Yes, I consume tea more than I consume water! Yes, my skin tone get … Continue reading

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Love marriage VS Arrange marriage

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of our life just like education, career etc. As a matter of fact, it is THE most important decision. For instance if you are unhappy/dissatisfied with your current job, you can always … Continue reading

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The Great Gujarati Shopping Season

Once I was at a shopping mall to maximize my ROI as there were some huge discounts being offered by the owners. And as everyone knows, for typical Gujarati family, sale is supposed to be a family event where each … Continue reading

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