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Being Financially Literate!

Yes, being academically literate and being financially literate are both totally different stuff. You may be an MBA degree holder from top shot campus and someone in your circle would hardly be a schools passout but it doesn’t guarantee you … Continue reading

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Technology at your Convenience

We have often seen people badmouthing about new advent of technologies like it is making our life complex, making people dependent, it loots our freedom etc etc.  But I get very excited with new technologies; it may be a simple … Continue reading

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Bhaag Chicken Bhaag!!

Food, a very fundamental requirement of any living being just like water & shelter. This was long ago captured and shared by Manoj Kumar in ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’ in 1974! So I will not talk about all 3 of … Continue reading

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Look around, you will love it

This is the view from my apartment’s gallery. I have been living in this same place since some last 15+ years but I was never grateful as much as I was today. I must have been very free today! But … Continue reading

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English is not a sign of Intellect

Today morning I was watching a TV show where the host guides the guests on their financial planning and queries.  The guest was a businessman with a fat income and lavish lifestyle. I noticed one odd thing about him while … Continue reading

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Neglecting the Near by

It was a lonely journey and much like many humans I needed a company so I tuned into FM and stationed to a leading radio station programme. After some songs started the show, it was love guru type show where … Continue reading

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A Wooden Doll !

Winter being on the verge, my mom was digging out winter wears from cupboard which exclusively stored items that were rarely used by the family. After a while when I entered the room, a big smile covered my face when … Continue reading

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An Accident Sight

I was waiting for my colleague today morning at a busy cross road and after few minutes, as I turned around and saw that a water carrying vehicle collided with a glamorous 2 wheeler carrying two young college going girls … Continue reading

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Careless Woman

Today I read in a newspaper that a mother of four succumbed to death after getting beaten up by her husband. What made the ‘MAN’ angry on his wife was the fact that she could not give birth to a … Continue reading

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Law of Frustration !

I was at parlour today which kept food items such as biscuits, snacks, beverages etc. I was trying to make a dialogue with the retailer to sell my stock to him. He was a skinny guy, father of two. There … Continue reading

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