An Accident Sight

I was waiting for my colleague today morning at a busy cross road and after few minutes, as I turned around and saw that a water carrying vehicle collided with a glamorous 2 wheeler carrying two young college going girls and one uncle.  Obviously the 2 wheeler fell off and now started the mess.

The uncle as soon as got some energy to stand up, rushed to the water tanker driver and started blaming & threatening him. These 2 vehicles worked as magnet for the crowd and everyone came running towards it! Some good guys started to pick the vehicle up, collected the items that had fallen from the vehicle, some started capturing the video in mobile as if the third world war was taking place, some turned into detectives, carefully observing marks of the wheels and discussing the mystery behind the accident, while the rest just watched ! I also joined the crowd as my colleague has not come.

That uncle, looked like grandfather of these girls was so engrossed in holding the driver that he didn’t even see if the girls are ok. Some from the crowd took the girls to the side of road and started basic treatment. It was actually not clear whether it was driver’s fault or not but because he was driving a bigger vehicle and the girls have suffered injuries, it was assumed that he is guilty. The uncle started taking various details from the driver if in case he escaped and then came to girls and inquired about injury. One of the girls was crying loudly not bearing the pain. Till that time, the other girl had called her parents to the sight. Parents and relatives arrived in few minutes. One person from the group heard the accident story by uncle and got angry, he started hunting for the driver furiously, clearly in the mood to hit him. He then saw a crowd surrounding the driver, all looking bulky. He without any delay shifted the gears and started expounding that he should have been careful, they were young girls!

As always the police came up at the last moment. The uncle and his relatives had called them so they rushed to the police van to give them one sided perspective. The owner of that water business was called at the scene.  But before he arrived, uncle had bragged all his achievements in his life in front of the police which he thought would work in his favor. At one point he also said that sir I am a senior citizen, you must listen to me!  The parents took that injured girl in auto for treatment.

There was a small slum around that cross road so when people were busy in fighting and blaming, some wise people did this!



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