Law of Frustration !

I was at parlour today which kept food items such as biscuits, snacks, beverages etc. I was trying to make a dialogue with the retailer to sell my stock to him. He was a skinny guy, father of two. There was a common wall between their shop and house. Before I could explain my all ‘schemes’ to him, the owner’s wife interrupted us, handling mobile phone to her husband, and muttered something which I couldn’t hear.

The husband passed a sign of ‘hold on’ to me and started talking on phone. From his conversation which lasted for around 8-10 minutes, I could understand that it was a call from DTH service-provider company. They had called him regarding renewal of pack which he hadn’t done since last two months. The retailer must have faced too many rush at his outlets since morning or he must have got absolutely no business since morning, either of this case, he had to take out his vexation on someone and who could be better than someone who is paid to listen to abuse!

So starts the retailer. He bombarded the executive by saying that whether to recharge the new pack or not is my own decision. The executive tried to make him understand with reasoning which made him more furious and he added, I have purchased your company’s dish hence I can do whatever I want with it. I can also use it to have my food in it, none of your business. I was wondering how gentle he was with me few minutes earlier and how bitter he has turned now! His kids were laughing, so I realised that they are not​ used to him being so angry.

Just when I felt that he is about to put the phone down, he started again and this time it was totally out of context. He said your company telecasts the same movies daily. Even my kids know when the hero is going to fall down from horse, when the heroin is about to dance. I like action movies but you telecast only romantic movies. Infact, you should refund my money and you are telling me to pay ? He kept complaining for some more minutes and then hung up.

Finally he realised that there is someone at the opposite end waiting for him. He came to me and to my surprise; he still continued his furious words which he used on phone. He added in the end that the executive has taken note of my suggestion and will talk to his boss for my refund. I really felt like laughing but I didn’t because I needed him to get my business. So I tried to wrap up as soon as I can and left the parlour.

When I was on the way for another shop, I recalled Newton’s law of energy conservation. In this case, ‘Frustration’ had taken place of ‘Energy’. So the law of Frustration with some addition states:

The total amount of frustration in the closed system remains constant. Frustration can be created but can only be partially destroyed!!  It can easily transform from one person to another!!

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Be Cautious !!



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2 Responses to Law of Frustration !

  1. Very true. Frustration is partially destroyed. It never ends.

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