Something like LOVE!

Ethan (read as Eethan) was ardent as today was his first day in 10th. One of the reasons behind his happiness was because he will be meeting some old and very new faces today as it was first day of new term. He woke up 1 hour early than his routine and started his daily activities like an obedient boy. He picked his neatly washed and ironed uniform which he got prepared from his mom 10 days before opening of new term. Combed his hair tough enough to withstand any storm! Shoes were shining like black diamonds! and finally he left for school.  He got his old friends on the way to school and they fixed who will sit on which bench before reaching to class! And here they were in the new class. Class was larger than Ethan had been earlier. He was fascinated by it, the class gave him a feel that now he has reached an important part of his school life. He rapidly grabbed his corner seat on second bench; his troop followed him too and stuck to predefined positions. Class was overflowing with noise of pupils, all sharing their vacations stories, past back ground to one another. In no moment, class which had experienced pin drop silence for so long turned into fish market. After sometime, enters a lady in dark green saree with a bunch of books in her hand.

Mrs Jain, the class teacher was about to start class introduction and a thin voice hits the class ‘May I come in teacher?’ and heads of all the students turned 90 degrees to see a girl who was standing on the entrance, little worried, little afraid.  Breaking the silence, Mrs Jain asked, ‘Give us your introduction and I will allow you to sit’. She gave her nice little introduction and won herself a seat. From all her introduction, what Ethan could remember was just her name, Kajal. Ethan thought that bigger classroom was that best thing about 10th until he saw Kajal. Now his undivided attention was towards Kajal only.  Ethan was on verge of his twenties. Like all school time love stories, Ethan also started interaction with Kajal through studies initially. Then interaction increased by bunking physical training classes, going together in school events, sharing food in break time. It was well known among the class that these 2 were couple. Confidence and carelessness were on peak.


They both were of different caste but they didn’t spare time to think about caste and all. Both were immature and not answerable to each other. Time went by, both were still close. Now even faculties and peons were also knowing about them.

Fast forwarded to 2 years down the line. They had spent long time with each other; they experienced fights, patch ups, laughs, anger, everything in those times. It had made them a bit wise but still their relation was there. So it was the time of term end. As discussed, they both & their group met for a small treat at a nearby Vada pav stall and parted after having some snacks and fun. They both were so used to each other that they didn’t even bid goodbye to each other properly thinking that they will meet soon.

Thanks to limited development of technologies, they both were not in contact in holiday time and neither had they tried to contact. They might be wanting some alone time. Ethan was bright student and like many kids, he was also flag bearer of his parent’s dreams. He left for other state in order to pursue Aeronautical engineering. Ethan had Kajal on mind at times but looking back was of no use. He had realised this and hence made a practical decision of bringing that undivided attention back in studies. Ethan was right on track now. He had got perfect balance in life, fun along with stable career path. It was the first time he was living outside his home. Though he missed Kajal in between but didn’t feel incomplete. Her memories were obliterated now. Years went and he developed some light moustache and fat on belly. He completed his graduation and got job as Electrical & Instrumentation supervisor at Jamshedpur. He was happy that he has started earning at mere age of 24. Now his frequency of missing Kajal was almost disappeared.

Thanks to series of holidays, Ethan took leave and left for home, he was home after long. He had to attend a close friend’s wedding, complete his some local work and of course wanted to have his mother’s meal which he missed after tasting all the cuisines outside.

The wedding night came, friends gathered at a decided place and left for venue in car.  Kajal crossed his mind often since he had entered his hometown. But each time he smiled and thanked god for those beautiful moments as he knew they won’t be coming again. The reception place was gigantic. Lights were thoughtfully used, counters were nicely decorated. For a moment, one would misinterpret this reception with exhibition of interior designing!  A feeling of jubilation was there in the air. The groom was their engineering batch mate, Gaurav. It was an arranged marriage. The group first decided to reach out to the couple, greet them, give them gifts and then search for some booze. As they were reaching closer to stage, Ethan was stretching his eyes, trying to have a better look. And his eyes were wide open and so was his mouth when he saw Kajal on the stage along with Gaurav. He was perplexed, lost. He wished that there was a tunnel here direct to his home but fantasies had ceased from his life long back. He returned to reality. He was not hurt but he didn’t know how will Kajal react when they both will meet, he didn’t want to make fool of himself so he quickly eloped from the place, sent a text to one of the friends that because of medical urgency he had to leave for home. He then switched off his phone, grabbed a taxi and returned home without having booze or food.

His mom was little surprised as he returned back early, she inquired but what could he say. He was hungry but he was too nervous to ask for it because though he was an educated person, he didn’t have logic of getting hungry again in no minutes after having dinner at reception! His phone was still switched off.

Ethan was not hurt because Kajal was a married girl now. He just didn’t like that Gaurav got such a girl in arrange marriage! He had now huge expectations from his parents though!

Ethan slept peacefully at that night and left for Jamshedpur after his leaves came to end J


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