Good Little Things!

Apart from our professional and personal goals, we should also have some selfless goals which are not directed for any individual but for the society at large. Through this blog, I am sharing some of the areas where we can contribute to our planet.

1) All ‘normal’ human beings like to stay at and around clean place. But this gets changed when they are not at their own home. We see people throwing tea cups on road, flying food packets from the vehicles. Just because we don’t live there permanently or there is no penalty for us for doing this, should we do this? If country’s PM considers it top most priority, invests so much in this initiative which is not directly going to flow money in country, shouldn’t we then understand criticality of this issue and show discipline in this? This is the least you can do for the world you live in, to keep it clean. I am not talking about growing trees or watering them but just keep your waste with you and dispose it in garbage ONLY.


2) The life that we are living is co-lived by our family and friends. So we have to be little more careful while dealing with our life. Safety must be brought to our life. To keep it simple: Wear seat belt while driving 4 wheeler, use helmet while driving 2 wheeler. If not HELMET, then HELL MET!! Just because you had invested in your accidental policy, doesn’t mean you have to claim it! Be wise and follow safety rules.



3) Water, such an important resource. Everyone is aware about its increasing scarcity among various places across the world. Water is our physiological need that doesn’t have any substitute if not available. In India some of the states have already started facing scarcity of water. In this time, every bit aimed at saving water matters. Bring small changes. No-one can guide you in it but you yourself. For instance, when you happen to go to washroom, use bucket instead of flush. It might sound odd but it can actually save plenty of water. Give it a thought.




4) I give priority to the charity which does not cost me a penny still it’s very useful. Donating blood is one of them. With increasing diseases, different blood groups are also very much in demand. If you are young and weigh above 50 kg, you can donate blood and trust me, it’s a great experience. It neither causes you weakness nor affects your weight. Just do it!

Blood donation/Silhouettes of hands one giving blood drop, the other receiving

Blood donation/Silhouettes of hands one giving blood drop, the other receiving

5) Birthdays or anniversaries days are special and different than our normal days. Let these days also be special day for needy people. There are countless people living under poverty line. Can we spare 30 minutes for these people and donate them things that they require? Food, clothes etc. It’s a fulfilling experience. It gives you immense positivity and blessings. It makes you value your current life.




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