Be your own God

We have benchmark for everything.
For Distance, it’s miles.
For Time, it’s minutes.
For Sadness, it’s tears.
For Happiness, it’s laughter.
For Professional success, it’s money.
For Cars, it’s Rolls-Royce.
For Handsets, it’s Apple, so on and so forth.

The question arises what should be our benchmark? Or who should be our benchmark?
Is it possible to find a person who fits perfectly according to our goals, desires and personality?
Nearly impossible it is as everyone here is unique. So can one have different idols for different purpose? Yes we can have. But in the recent times where we are already filled and bombarded with so many data throught the day, won’t be a good deal to follow only one person rather than whole bunch of people? How is it possible? It can take some time to find that person. To be precise, it won’t take time to “find” that person but to “make” that person. That person is you, yourself.

What if you equip yourself with better and better ways every day? What if you can praise yourself? What if you can criticize yourself? What if you treat everyone the way you want them to treat you? What if you can control your emotions? What if you can swallow the failure and digest the success? What if you can imagine a CCTV camera around you 24*7?

Then you can be your own God, your own benchmark.


It is not possible to talk to your idol every time you need them. Only you can be with yourself everytime. Literally evertyime!! So why not we become our own idol? The basic thing needed for that is Common sense and I hope everyone reading this has it. One should have common sense to differentiate between what is right and what is not. And after that, one should have guts. Guts to face any situation. After finding what is right and what’s wrong, one should be able to make a bold decision. Most of the problems that we face are already sensed by us way before, but we tend to push them for last moment and then create mess. Punish yourself for the wrong; don’t wait for your boss or your mother does that for you. And the same way, pamper yourself for the good; don’t wait for others to make you happy.

There can be 100 advises one can have to make his life better but all will be in vein, if you don’t take ownership of your life.

So take charge.

Be your own God.


About Kirtan Pandya

I am honest and I like the same :)
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