In childhood days, we used to play with magnets and toys which had magnet in it. In those days, it was nothing more than a toy or a science object to experiment with. But now, if I consider magnet, it unfolds many aspects. Some of them are listed below.

  • Non-reactive to plastic


Magnet has one very unique characteristic and that is, it only attracts towards iron material. So anything except iron is of no use with magnet. Consider iron as things that are good for us (love, peace, honesty etc) and plastic as things which are not. (Anger, jealously, corruption etc) We should also become non-reactive to these plastic materials who don’t add any value to ourselves. Become a good person and attract people towards you.

  • North and South Pole (Personal & Professional life)


As we know, magnet has 2 poles. South & North. Consider one as your personal life and another as your professional life. First thing is to understand that a magnet is a magnet if it has both the poles. So you can survive if you can manage both personal life and professional life. And second is, they should be separate. A magnet is not like an eraser whose two ends you can mould and bring together. The same way your personal and professional life should also be separate and both be given due time.

  • Build on basics and increase your worth2

There are toys available who uses magnet but we are not able to see it as magnet is covered by the body. If you give simple magnet to a kid, he won’t play with it for a long time. But if you give him in the form of a toy, he will enjoy toy’s company. The kid doesn’t realise that it is the same magnet which is at the core of the toy. Now the price of that 20 rupee magnet is 200 rupees. And it’s more attractive also!! Hence, it is very necessary that the base on which you build yourself is very strong. So if you have your basics in place, you can go to places!

  • Split into two but it still holds to its quality

Try to split a magnet with a hammer and split it into two pieces. You will see that these two pieces will also act as two separate magnets. It demonstrates to us that even if you fail, even if someone tries to blame you for wrong reason, don’t give up on what you are supposed to do. Consistency is very important for success.

If we remember and try to implement these lessons in our life, it can really bring in the difference in our life.


About Kirtan Pandya

I am honest and I like the same :)
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