Yes, I work in Sales!

Yes, I work in Sales

Yes, my day starts with commitments

Yes, I roam in narrowest lanes of small towns in a search that never ends!

Yes, I consume tea more than I consume water!

Yes, my skin tone get darken one level every month!

Yes, I no longer consider smoking and drinking injurious to health!

Yes, I experience mood swings!

Yes, I spend too little time with family, friends and especially myself!!

Yes, I spend too much time with MS excel and at tea stalls!

Yes, I desperately wait for Saturday evening!

Yes, I no longer value those books who claim to change life in 10 days!!

Yes, I sometimes worry about personal life.

Yes, I look for similar people like me!

Yes, I miss my hobbies!

Yes, I am ambitious.

Yes, I work for money.

Yes, my night ends with commitment vs delivery!

Yes, my next day again starts with commitments!

And guess what, I still CHOSE to work for Sales J


About Kirtan Pandya

I am honest and I like the same :)
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