The Great Gujarati Shopping Season

Once I was at a shopping mall to maximize my ROI as there were some huge discounts being offered by the owners. And as everyone knows, for typical Gujarati family, sale is supposed to be a family event where each and every member is supposed to investigate each and every corner of mall for the ultimate search for the most appropriate clothes!


I bounced into seeing one such Gujju family that day. As it generally happens. an elderly looking lady was the chief of the mission ‘Molest The Mall’ and gave clear cut direction to her all family members that the this mission is divided into 2 steps. In the first step, family members are supposed to go all over the mall and search for his/her most suitable apparel, the price of which has already been bifurcated by that lady member wise!  And in the second and the final stage, all family members had to face that lady (probably grandmother) for one on one interview where she will announce whether a particular apparel has won itself a freedom from that mall or not!

So the mission ‘Molest The Mall’ started. Family members spread in the vicinity like ants run after being caught eating up sweet stuff from the kitchen!  Some went to ladies department; some went to men’s and etc etc. Lady was watching her troop taking over the mall with a sense of pride! The search for most suitable apparel lasted for about 30 minutes. You would be thinking it’s really a quick work by members but you are missing one thing, they are still supposed to cross last hurdle and that is one on one face up with the big boss or I rather say big bossy!

And here was something unusual happened. The lady went ahead to take charge of the security personnel’s chair who was controlling crowd entering and exiting trial rooms. That man gave her his chair. I don’t know whether that was out of respect or out of fear but the bottom-line is now that lady will observe her family members one by one as they try their partially purchased apparels to her and give her final verdict. Final round started, one by one the doors were opening and closing and lady was recording the cost of each and every item and was noting the grand total of it as there was some more 15% cash back if the total exceeds some particular amount.  That poor security guy was baffling and scared too as he has lost his chair temporarily and was probably praying that no-one from the mall authority rushes there at this time otherwise he will lose his chair permanently! Lady was continuously keeping a check on the total amount and shunned some of the selected stuff also as they were not included in the cash-back offer!  Finally after another 30 minutes of ruckus, finalists of the mission were announced! She made sure that everyone gets something or the other at the end of the shopping. Everyone was happy and started marching towards the not so favorite area of shopping which is billing counter! They reached the counter and a small kid asked that lady. ‘Granny! Why didn’t you buy anything for yourself?’ and everyone in the family suddenly turned to that lady and gave a look of respect. Even I waiting at the other counter watched that lady with admiration. And suddenly she breaks the silence and takes out a big shopping bag which she had shopped for herself from that 15% cash-back!


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2 Responses to The Great Gujarati Shopping Season

  1. Dhiraj Premani says:

    Great Piece of Writing
    Was this a real incident?

  2. Yes.. Happened on 26th Jan 2014!

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