Social media taking on Social animal!

If you are reading this, it means you have medium to high exposure to the cyber world. The topic of this blog is also regarding similar people like u, who have access to internet; data enabled handsets. Advanced innovations in communication field have shortened communication gap among people. Social media has affected lives of youth like a rage.

I have seen people changing before and after their debut on social media! Introverts have become extroverts and extroverts have become over-extroverts! I can bet you if you compare any of these people’s resume and their social networking sites, his/her social site would be more updated at any given day! People have started to express their selves. But what I have found over the time is that it’s a viral effect. The person who is not a regular visitor of ‘www’ finds himself a frog in the well.  This forces that person to open his gadget and jump into the sea of social media. Being an internet savvy is the minimum qualification that any person should be having these days.

From the time one wakes up to the time one goes to bed, staying connected online is must.  Earlier people used to get their pictures clicked because they wanted to capture that moment for lifetime. But now the only motive behind getting clicked is changing the display picture and let the whole world know that even I am enjoying my life! People share each and every incidents of their 24 hour day; I mean almost each and every incident. A person who is living in the other town, who would have seldom talked with the guy would be knowing that this guy is ‘feeling’ upset, but that guy’s mother would not have the slightest idea that her son is upset.   This is the height of addiction to the virtual world of social media.  If someone gets a new job, buys a new car, enters into a brand new relationship!, he/she instantly logs in and announces the same to the world. Of course, there is nothing bad in it as this is why social media exists. But my observation calls thing an indication of lack of self confidence or recognition. People, especially youngsters start comparing their lives when they see their friend’s so called ‘awesome life’ on these sites. Deep down they feel inferior, gloomy and start running in the fake race to prove their existence on the earth. How stupid is that? Majority of the time, we keep thinking about what people would think about us and modify our actions even if it is at the cost of sacrificing our relation with our family members or not doing things that we actually love to do. Why? Because if we will allocate our time in these activities, then we will lose our grip in chat world.


But when you turn the coin, you see the other side of social media. It helps you spread any information around the planet in count of seconds without any cost of advertisements. It helps you shop from your home, gives you all the information that libraries all around the world can’t provide, makes your payment with one click, books ticket for your outing and also finds you better life partner; you can ignore word ‘better’ if you want.

So now the question is, ‘Is the social media a friend or a foe?’

There is no absolute answer to this question. Social media can be proven as a great help if used in our favor. Time, Speed, Reach & Cost. Social media proves its superiority in all these aspects. So let the social media not control you or your actions. Enjoy your life whether you are online or offline!


About Kirtan Pandya

I am honest and I like the same :)
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