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The Great Indian Psychology

The worst has happened. The girl ‘officially’ died after 13 horrifying days! It was perceived that she will get her life back as she had been deported to Singapore, a better place where she can avail for medical assistance. But … Continue reading

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A Pen Without a Refill

Year is ending so was the ink in my pen. As we grow up, we don’t pay much attention to the writing instruments we use. In school times, many of us would be fond of collecting different pens, of different … Continue reading

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Coping up with change

Change! We don’t like to hear this word.  Either when we have to take up a change in our routine life or when we have to give change to the person after consuming a product or availing for service! Here … Continue reading

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Bullfight, a Taboo

As I write this blog, my heart is left with agony. Agony that evoked while I was watching TV yesterday and my rapidly changing TV screen stopped at National Geographic. They telecast a show called ‘Taboo’ which comes out with … Continue reading

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Have patience, Your turn will also come

I was on my way to college this morning at around 7.45 AM. The road being free from vehicles, I was riding on a higher speed comparatively. Suddenly comes an ugly looking rickshaw from the wrong side carrying some 4-5 … Continue reading

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