Being Financially Literate!

Yes, being academically literate and being financially literate are both totally different stuff. You may be an MBA degree holder from top shot campus and someone in your circle would hardly be a schools passout but it doesn’t guarantee you a secure and stress less life if you are not able to manage your inflow of money.

Planning is a probably the most the important thing one should do in first place. Whether it is about your education, your career, your daily routines, your marriage or even your weekend!  At least one should have a rough idea about how you wants to lead your life. And MONEY is something which grabs everyone’s attention whenever mentioned (or even without getting mentioned!) which is fair also because you can’t turn your face and say that ‘Money is not everything’. To say such sentence, you must have lot of money in your bank account!

Okay now, so what I mean by being financially literate? It is about taking charge of your money and using it in most efficient way. You would have heard ‘A money saved is a money earned’. How true it is. We all earn and spend money but have you given it a thought that how your little planning can prove a blessing to you in the future. Saving is so crucial part of our life and the problem is very few do it even after knowing this. The question that can arise is ‘Howmuch money should we save?’ The answer is ‘All the money that you don’t need in nearby future!’  (Nearby future can be 1 month , 1 year or even 50 years!) So basically you must save your money.



Now the next question ‘How can we be financially literate?’ The answer is right infront of you, your cellphone or your laptop whatever you are using right now can give you financial literacy. Google it, Youtube it. Talk with your friends, family members.

You can save your money by putting it in Banks, investing in PPF, mutual funds, stocks, gold etc. But the first step is to start it. Later on you can make changes in your saving habits as per your knowledge and risk taking capacity. It is good to start as early as you can to reap the benefits later on. The concept of piggy bank is nothing but lesson for all of us that saving should begin from very young age.

I have personally seen people doing great in their careers but they don’t have much financial back up in case if something happens to him (the soul earning member of family). Life cover is must but you must not skip saving part to lead a comfortable life after retirement. Now a days there is a new concept called ‘Early retirement’. People working in corporates have started taking early retirement in order to spend more time with family and friends. This is only possible if you have some done really good savings and investing.  Yes there is a difference between saving and investing! If you put 1,00,000 in your bank account for 1 year, you will get an interest of 27 rupee per month (4% interest rate) and if the same amount in invested  in Mutual fund throught the year (8333 rupee per month for 12 month), at the end of the year you will get a gain of 4441 (which  is 370 rupee per month)  (Assumed rate of return is 8%). I hope now you get the difference!

I can write pages on this topic but it all will be void if you don’t practice it yourself. So for those of who haven’t started saving or investing yet, start it ASAP and those who are already doing it, Pat on Back!!

Stay Invested!

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Technology at your Convenience

We have often seen people badmouthing about new advent of technologies like it is making our life complex, making people dependent, it loots our freedom etc etc.  But I get very excited with new technologies; it may be a simple idea, like online matrimonial sites or apps!

Would our grandparents have thought about that? I have few of my friends who have found their ‘love’ on these apps and married those persons as well!  Now let’s suppose, had these dating apps not been invented, how would these lovely couples love / fight each other which they are able to do now. What a divine form of technology these matrimonial apps are for these couples!

We all were used to watch TV and many of us still are into it but you will be amazed to see the count of subscribers who are using these online mobile entertainment platforms like Hotstar , Amazon Prime Videos etc. What was the idea behind it? The idea was to provide platform for people who are continuously using mobiles and have no fix time allocated to watch TV. The idea hit the perfect chord with consumer & Hotstar crossed 10 million downloads in just 40 days of launch. By the way, Facebook took 1 year to reach 10 million downloads!


Thanks to Amazon and flipkart, we got the taste of online shopping but who would have thought of online medicines, online health insurance? But these all are available now

There is a reason why football is not as popular as cricket in India because our fathers were busy kicking their scooters so that they didn’t have stamina left to kick the football!! But then some intelligent people grabbed this opportunity and invented self-start and now you don’t see any bike without self-start. Same is the case with car. Auto gear is also an example of technology aimed at convenience of customers.

Can you imagine yourself using a keypad phone now? And by any chance, if you get a phone with keypad and you use it, your fingers will not appreciate that! Do you remember using Bluetooth to get your favorite video or image before few years? Now no one has patience to wait that long to receive the data, thanks to Xender!

Last week I was sitting at a famous food joint and I noticed young guys in orange T shirts coming in at regular interval. It was after sometime when I noticed that they didn’t come to eat, rather they had come to help someone eat. Food delivery is so common now days that the number of take-away have exceeded the revenue generated by direct walk-ins.

These all are few of the thousands of technological innovations that have happened around us which have made our lives simpler and faster. It is upto us how well we club it with our life style for our convenience

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Bhaag Chicken Bhaag!!

Food, a very fundamental requirement of any living being just like water & shelter. This was long ago captured and shared by Manoj Kumar in ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’ in 1974! So I will not talk about all 3 of them but just one, food.

People consume veg and non veg food both. Many people who eat non veg would have no notion about how their favorite beef or chicken wings reach their plate. There is an immense amount of suffering and torture that these animals and birds go through to satisfy our appetite.

Pigs, chicken, cows are confined in very narrow cages in order to increase the utilization of land and maximizing the profits. Try to imagine yourself stuck in a still cage where it is humanly not possible to do any physical movement and after that torment, you will have to die at any point in time for people who has never seen you, alive!  This kind of crowded place also invent deadly diseases like bird flu which pops out frequently around the globe and kills many people.



Calves are separated from their mother cows immediately after their birth. This is done because longer stay with their mothers makes it really tough to separate them at a time when cows are sent to slaughter house for their final destination.  You should try to feel the emotion of a cow when her baby is taken away from her only after few hours of giving birth.

Having your favorite food is a matter of choice but I believe your hunger should not be a reason for someone’s death.

What can be done?

Governments should encourage all the entities involved in this business to provide open and better environment to animals, birds. The increase in the maintenance cost can be passed on to consumers. People will pay higher for the meat and eggs which are processed in healthier conditions. Government should set up standards which are prerequisites for all these entities.

As a consumer, we must adopt to 3 R’s.

  • Reduce: We should reduce animal food at first step. This is the beginning to animal welfare process.
  • Refuse: Second would be do refuse buying or consuming animal foods which are not at par with government health standards.
  • Replace: and the last would be Replace Meat with Plant based foods. You will be surprised to find that there are some vegan foods which work as substitute for meat. Google it.


Christain Bell, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, VIdyut Jamwal, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachan. All these actors fit actors are pure vegans. And the list is quite long.

Aamair Khan once in an interview states that his wife made him quit non veg back in 2015 when she showed him a video of how life threatening diseases can be prevented from vegetarian diet?


What I wrote here was always on my mind but I watched one documentary today named ‘At The Fork’ which propagated me to write this piece. It’s an eye opening 1.30 hours long documentary where a wife changes opinion of his meat eater husband by making him visit different animal farms and making him interact with various people associated with this business.

All I want to say is ‘Bhaag Chicken Bhaag‘!!
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Look around, you will love it


This is the view from my apartment’s gallery. I have been living in this same place since some last 15+ years but I was never grateful as much as I was today. I must have been very free today! But this 15 minute time in my gallery repulsed so many instances from the past. When I was new to this place, I used to spend considerable amount of my time along with my cousins and alone as well. But as and when so called ‘responsibilities’ started climbing on me, I forgot that builder has made a beautiful road side gallery for us. Only 2-3 places where I was a frequent visitor at my home were a place where I charge my phone and take dinner, washroom and bed!  My Selective attention was only concentrated on these places. The bottom line is that we don’t appreciate good things that we have possessed; rather we just curse our lives for the bad things.

Today when I was watching outside the gallery, I noticed every single detail. I noticed the nursery,  I noticed that picture of Chhota Bheem on the wall of nursery cum home, I noticed the temples , I noticed the flats in the back, I noticed the ongoing construction of new buildings, I noticed birds flying back to their nests (or their 2-3 BHK house wherever they live) , I noticed empty road and I noticed peace in me.

I am sure we all will connect on what I have experienced today. There would be something in your daily life, at your work place, in the roads you travel which you don’t get notice of but it’s worth your notice.

It is important to ‘disconnect’ sometimes to ‘connect’ for better.

Btw, I also noticed this which kind of spoiled my evening!


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English is not a sign of Intellect

Today morning I was watching a TV show where the host guides the guests on their financial planning and queries.  The guest was a businessman with a fat income and lavish lifestyle. I noticed one odd thing about him while the show was on. It was a Guajarati language show aired on a Gujarati channel but that gentleman was speaking or trying to speak in English only from the beginning. When you wear clothes which are not comfortable to you, it clearly reflects to other people such was the case with this man. Even the host who is well versed with English was speaking in Gujarati with the businessman but that guy was adamant to promote his ‘English Speaking’ skills on television. As the conversation started to build up, I notice that this person was not at all comfortable with English but still he was trying too hard. When the host asked him some sudden unexpected questions, he succumbed and then used Gujarati language. I read his name at the start of show; he was a pure Gujarati guy, even his tone cheered loud about him being a Gujju! Then why this one sided love for English! God knows! But as it’s Sunday, I will try to give rest to God and try to analyse this obsession for English.

The obvious question now is ‘Why do we need English language to prove our Intellect?’    

Who do you think is a better leader, Narendra Modi OR Rahul Gandhi? No need to laugh, it’s a serious question. 99% of us would say it’s NaMo.

Now a second question, Whose English is better? 100% of us would say it’s Rahul’s.

The simple fact is there is no correlation between your English speaking ability and your wisdom. Wisdom comes from your education, your interests in learning new things. English is just another language through which you communicate to other people, nothing else. Yes, English is majorly adopted around the globe so it is extremely important to have a good grip of English language. English is very vital, can be seen from the fact that today I am using English to write my Blogs, not any other language. But that never implies that English language is a barometer of intellectuality!

We tend to give more regards to the stuff made in English and ignore our regional language. No, here I am not comparing Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ with ‘Game of Thrones’!! But we take pride in using English and take guilt to utter mother language.

No wonder we have such advertisements in our country

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Neglecting the Near by

  • It was a lonely journey and much like many humans I needed a company so I tuned into FM and stationed to a leading radio station programme. After some songs started the show, it was love guru type show where a leading bollywood director was answering dumb people’s love queries! There is a reason why I call such people ‘dumb’. Why the hell do you need opinion of a third person, who has never ever met or seen you, to help you solve your own love issues? And if you still need help of third person then you are in no way capable of being with someone else! I find this love guru type shows have stick around for so long is because of psychotic mindset of people to seek interest in other’s life! Now coming back to the radio show, one girl was asking her love query and my psychotic mind was all ears to her. Unlike older versions of love guru shows, here dialogues were two sided. The guru was trying to answer her query and they had some 2-3 conversations. Suddenly her tone stuck me. The way she talked, I found that it was a fake conversation which was just recorded and nothing was true about it. I might be correct; I might not be as well. But my gut tells me that it was not a true caller.


  • We sometimes come across singers / performers just lip singing on the shows / concerts. Don’t they know that we know it? But still they keep lip singing and we keep watching them. We watch moves that make no sense in real life but we still watch them.


  • Try to hear a politician’s public speech, especially during election campaign. The politician will go all the way he can go to place his credence in people’s heart. If it was a first day on earth of an alien and he is attending the rally, he will feel that he should leave his planet, make his voter card and live on earth happily ever after! Do these promises nominated by those politicians get executed also? We all know the answer. Not even half of it gets executed.


All these 3 instances denote that there is so much fake around us. But we tend to turn blind eye towards it because of we are too busy, too careless or too powerless!


Anyways I will leave you all with your work as I have to watch a movie where a ‘Tapori’ turns into an MBBS just to take his father’s pride back !!

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A Wooden Doll !

Winter being on the verge, my mom was digging out winter wears from cupboard which exclusively stored items that were rarely used by the family. After a while when I entered the room, a big smile covered my face when my eyes landed on a wooden doll. That doll was one of the toys we had played or rather tortured in our best days. I grabbed the doll in a flash and sat in the drawing room. It was such a satisfying moment to hold her in my hands. It was a man made wooden doll, not doll actually, it was in a traditional look. That hold of 2 minutes brought so many memories in front of me that I just dwelled in my past like there’s no today. I appreciated everything about that doll, its simplicity, its delicateness and at the same time its robustness to be alive for so many years!

There’s no word of wisdom or knowledge that I want to share with you today, I am just sharing this because that small wooden doll had the ability to divert everything that I was doing and I was planning to do that night and just allowed me to smile and be thankful for the life that I have lived and living right now. Isn’t it wonderful?

There’s another memory that got freshen up when that wooden doll dragged me to heaven, my childhood days. When we used to visit our grandparent’s house, every time my granny put a bag full of toys center to kids and she distributed the toys among all the kids very enthusiastically making sure that everyone was euphoric. All the kids loved this part the most. And after we got done with playing, she used to pull all the toys together safely and keep it at fixed place, behind the door. This sequence would repeat every time we visit her. I am sure all of us would still be able to recollect the color of that toy bag even today. May be, that was an indirect way of my granny to demonstrate her children and grand children the significance of savings!

Hey Btw, I have been giving lot of headlines to this wooden doll. Wont you like to see it? Here we go..


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An Accident Sight

I was waiting for my colleague today morning at a busy cross road and after few minutes, as I turned around and saw that a water carrying vehicle collided with a glamorous 2 wheeler carrying two young college going girls and one uncle.  Obviously the 2 wheeler fell off and now started the mess.

The uncle as soon as got some energy to stand up, rushed to the water tanker driver and started blaming & threatening him. These 2 vehicles worked as magnet for the crowd and everyone came running towards it! Some good guys started to pick the vehicle up, collected the items that had fallen from the vehicle, some started capturing the video in mobile as if the third world war was taking place, some turned into detectives, carefully observing marks of the wheels and discussing the mystery behind the accident, while the rest just watched ! I also joined the crowd as my colleague has not come.

That uncle, looked like grandfather of these girls was so engrossed in holding the driver that he didn’t even see if the girls are ok. Some from the crowd took the girls to the side of road and started basic treatment. It was actually not clear whether it was driver’s fault or not but because he was driving a bigger vehicle and the girls have suffered injuries, it was assumed that he is guilty. The uncle started taking various details from the driver if in case he escaped and then came to girls and inquired about injury. One of the girls was crying loudly not bearing the pain. Till that time, the other girl had called her parents to the sight. Parents and relatives arrived in few minutes. One person from the group heard the accident story by uncle and got angry, he started hunting for the driver furiously, clearly in the mood to hit him. He then saw a crowd surrounding the driver, all looking bulky. He without any delay shifted the gears and started expounding that he should have been careful, they were young girls!

As always the police came up at the last moment. The uncle and his relatives had called them so they rushed to the police van to give them one sided perspective. The owner of that water business was called at the scene.  But before he arrived, uncle had bragged all his achievements in his life in front of the police which he thought would work in his favor. At one point he also said that sir I am a senior citizen, you must listen to me!  The parents took that injured girl in auto for treatment.

There was a small slum around that cross road so when people were busy in fighting and blaming, some wise people did this!


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Careless Woman

Today I read in a newspaper that a mother of four succumbed to death after getting beaten up by her husband. What made the ‘MAN’ angry on his wife was the fact that she could not give birth to a boy.  The couple had 4 girls before this.

What an irresponsible act by the woman? I mean one can make a mistake once, twice but she has done it five times! Her husband was a great man, infact he is a great man, he’s alive unlike his careless wife. Although he was from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a dry state, he frequently​ resorted to alcohol, such was his power! He is a perfectionist so he used knuckleduster to beat his wife. But he didn’t directly start beating her up; he had given her many warnings in the past that if you won’t give me a boy, I will give you a divorce. Such a gentleman he was. But she, she did some magic every time and turned the boy inside her into a girl. She should have understood his FEELINGS. Had she delivered a boy, he would have grown up to be an ideal husband like his father, but I am sure the woman would have some other intentions in giving birth to a girl.

I am sure this is only tip of the ice berg which had been published in newspaper; the husband would have suffered more than this.

Image result for woman beaten up by husband

It’s time to stand for men like these and take intestine out of their bodies. Incidents like these realise us the importance of formal education. You need not be an engineer but at least good education will engineer your brain to behave with other beings. Either education or strictest law adherence can help the society.

I believe she should have beaten him to death way before, but you know what? She was careless!

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Law of Frustration !

I was at parlour today which kept food items such as biscuits, snacks, beverages etc. I was trying to make a dialogue with the retailer to sell my stock to him. He was a skinny guy, father of two. There was a common wall between their shop and house. Before I could explain my all ‘schemes’ to him, the owner’s wife interrupted us, handling mobile phone to her husband, and muttered something which I couldn’t hear.

The husband passed a sign of ‘hold on’ to me and started talking on phone. From his conversation which lasted for around 8-10 minutes, I could understand that it was a call from DTH service-provider company. They had called him regarding renewal of pack which he hadn’t done since last two months. The retailer must have faced too many rush at his outlets since morning or he must have got absolutely no business since morning, either of this case, he had to take out his vexation on someone and who could be better than someone who is paid to listen to abuse!

So starts the retailer. He bombarded the executive by saying that whether to recharge the new pack or not is my own decision. The executive tried to make him understand with reasoning which made him more furious and he added, I have purchased your company’s dish hence I can do whatever I want with it. I can also use it to have my food in it, none of your business. I was wondering how gentle he was with me few minutes earlier and how bitter he has turned now! His kids were laughing, so I realised that they are not​ used to him being so angry.

Just when I felt that he is about to put the phone down, he started again and this time it was totally out of context. He said your company telecasts the same movies daily. Even my kids know when the hero is going to fall down from horse, when the heroin is about to dance. I like action movies but you telecast only romantic movies. Infact, you should refund my money and you are telling me to pay ? He kept complaining for some more minutes and then hung up.

Finally he realised that there is someone at the opposite end waiting for him. He came to me and to my surprise; he still continued his furious words which he used on phone. He added in the end that the executive has taken note of my suggestion and will talk to his boss for my refund. I really felt like laughing but I didn’t because I needed him to get my business. So I tried to wrap up as soon as I can and left the parlour.

When I was on the way for another shop, I recalled Newton’s law of energy conservation. In this case, ‘Frustration’ had taken place of ‘Energy’. So the law of Frustration with some addition states:

The total amount of frustration in the closed system remains constant. Frustration can be created but can only be partially destroyed!!  It can easily transform from one person to another!!

Image result for frustration

Be Cautious !!


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