An Accident Sight

I was waiting for my colleague today morning at a busy cross road and after few minutes, as I turned around and saw that a water carrying vehicle collided with a glamorous 2 wheeler carrying two young college going girls and one uncle.  Obviously the 2 wheeler fell off and now started the mess.

The uncle as soon as got some energy to stand up, rushed to the water tanker driver and started blaming & threatening him. These 2 vehicles worked as magnet for the crowd and everyone came running towards it! Some good guys started to pick the vehicle up, collected the items that had fallen from the vehicle, some started capturing the video in mobile as if the third world war was taking place, some turned into detectives, carefully observing marks of the wheels and discussing the mystery behind the accident, while the rest just watched ! I also joined the crowd as my colleague has not come.

That uncle, looked like grandfather of these girls was so engrossed in holding the driver that he didn’t even see if the girls are ok. Some from the crowd took the girls to the side of road and started basic treatment. It was actually not clear whether it was driver’s fault or not but because he was driving a bigger vehicle and the girls have suffered injuries, it was assumed that he is guilty. The uncle started taking various details from the driver if in case he escaped and then came to girls and inquired about injury. One of the girls was crying loudly not bearing the pain. Till that time, the other girl had called her parents to the sight. Parents and relatives arrived in few minutes. One person from the group heard the accident story by uncle and got angry, he started hunting for the driver furiously, clearly in the mood to hit him. He then saw a crowd surrounding the driver, all looking bulky. He without any delay shifted the gears and started expounding that he should have been careful, they were young girls!

As always the police came up at the last moment. The uncle and his relatives had called them so they rushed to the police van to give them one sided perspective. The owner of that water business was called at the scene.  But before he arrived, uncle had bragged all his achievements in his life in front of the police which he thought would work in his favor. At one point he also said that sir I am a senior citizen, you must listen to me!  The parents took that injured girl in auto for treatment.

There was a small slum around that cross road so when people were busy in fighting and blaming, some wise people did this!


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Careless Woman

Today I read in a newspaper that a mother of four succumbed to death after getting beaten up by her husband. What made the ‘MAN’ angry on his wife was the fact that she could not give birth to a boy.  The couple had 4 girls before this.

What an irresponsible act by the woman? I mean one can make a mistake once, twice but she has done it five times! Her husband was a great man, infact he is a great man, he’s alive unlike his careless wife. Although he was from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a dry state, he frequently​ resorted to alcohol, such was his power! He is a perfectionist so he used knuckleduster to beat his wife. But he didn’t directly start beating her up; he had given her many warnings in the past that if you won’t give me a boy, I will give you a divorce. Such a gentleman he was. But she, she did some magic every time and turned the boy inside her into a girl. She should have understood his FEELINGS. Had she delivered a boy, he would have grown up to be an ideal husband like his father, but I am sure the woman would have some other intentions in giving birth to a girl.

I am sure this is only tip of the ice berg which had been published in newspaper; the husband would have suffered more than this.

Image result for woman beaten up by husband

It’s time to stand for men like these and take intestine out of their bodies. Incidents like these realise us the importance of formal education. You need not be an engineer but at least good education will engineer your brain to behave with other beings. Either education or strictest law adherence can help the society.

I believe she should have beaten him to death way before, but you know what? She was careless!

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Law of Frustration !

I was at parlour today which kept food items such as biscuits, snacks, beverages etc. I was trying to make a dialogue with the retailer to sell my stock to him. He was a skinny guy, father of two. There was a common wall between their shop and house. Before I could explain my all ‘schemes’ to him, the owner’s wife interrupted us, handling mobile phone to her husband, and muttered something which I couldn’t hear.

The husband passed a sign of ‘hold on’ to me and started talking on phone. From his conversation which lasted for around 8-10 minutes, I could understand that it was a call from DTH service-provider company. They had called him regarding renewal of pack which he hadn’t done since last two months. The retailer must have faced too many rush at his outlets since morning or he must have got absolutely no business since morning, either of this case, he had to take out his vexation on someone and who could be better than someone who is paid to listen to abuse!

So starts the retailer. He bombarded the executive by saying that whether to recharge the new pack or not is my own decision. The executive tried to make him understand with reasoning which made him more furious and he added, I have purchased your company’s dish hence I can do whatever I want with it. I can also use it to have my food in it, none of your business. I was wondering how gentle he was with me few minutes earlier and how bitter he has turned now! His kids were laughing, so I realised that they are not​ used to him being so angry.

Just when I felt that he is about to put the phone down, he started again and this time it was totally out of context. He said your company telecasts the same movies daily. Even my kids know when the hero is going to fall down from horse, when the heroin is about to dance. I like action movies but you telecast only romantic movies. Infact, you should refund my money and you are telling me to pay ? He kept complaining for some more minutes and then hung up.

Finally he realised that there is someone at the opposite end waiting for him. He came to me and to my surprise; he still continued his furious words which he used on phone. He added in the end that the executive has taken note of my suggestion and will talk to his boss for my refund. I really felt like laughing but I didn’t because I needed him to get my business. So I tried to wrap up as soon as I can and left the parlour.

When I was on the way for another shop, I recalled Newton’s law of energy conservation. In this case, ‘Frustration’ had taken place of ‘Energy’. So the law of Frustration with some addition states:

The total amount of frustration in the closed system remains constant. Frustration can be created but can only be partially destroyed!!  It can easily transform from one person to another!!

Image result for frustration

Be Cautious !!


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Something like LOVE!

Ethan (read as Eethan) was ardent as today was his first day in 10th. One of the reasons behind his happiness was because he will be meeting some old and very new faces today as it was first day of new term. He woke up 1 hour early than his routine and started his daily activities like an obedient boy. He picked his neatly washed and ironed uniform which he got prepared from his mom 10 days before opening of new term. Combed his hair tough enough to withstand any storm! Shoes were shining like black diamonds! and finally he left for school.  He got his old friends on the way to school and they fixed who will sit on which bench before reaching to class! And here they were in the new class. Class was larger than Ethan had been earlier. He was fascinated by it, the class gave him a feel that now he has reached an important part of his school life. He rapidly grabbed his corner seat on second bench; his troop followed him too and stuck to predefined positions. Class was overflowing with noise of pupils, all sharing their vacations stories, past back ground to one another. In no moment, class which had experienced pin drop silence for so long turned into fish market. After sometime, enters a lady in dark green saree with a bunch of books in her hand.

Mrs Jain, the class teacher was about to start class introduction and a thin voice hits the class ‘May I come in teacher?’ and heads of all the students turned 90 degrees to see a girl who was standing on the entrance, little worried, little afraid.  Breaking the silence, Mrs Jain asked, ‘Give us your introduction and I will allow you to sit’. She gave her nice little introduction and won herself a seat. From all her introduction, what Ethan could remember was just her name, Kajal. Ethan thought that bigger classroom was that best thing about 10th until he saw Kajal. Now his undivided attention was towards Kajal only.  Ethan was on verge of his twenties. Like all school time love stories, Ethan also started interaction with Kajal through studies initially. Then interaction increased by bunking physical training classes, going together in school events, sharing food in break time. It was well known among the class that these 2 were couple. Confidence and carelessness were on peak.


They both were of different caste but they didn’t spare time to think about caste and all. Both were immature and not answerable to each other. Time went by, both were still close. Now even faculties and peons were also knowing about them.

Fast forwarded to 2 years down the line. They had spent long time with each other; they experienced fights, patch ups, laughs, anger, everything in those times. It had made them a bit wise but still their relation was there. So it was the time of term end. As discussed, they both & their group met for a small treat at a nearby Vada pav stall and parted after having some snacks and fun. They both were so used to each other that they didn’t even bid goodbye to each other properly thinking that they will meet soon.

Thanks to limited development of technologies, they both were not in contact in holiday time and neither had they tried to contact. They might be wanting some alone time. Ethan was bright student and like many kids, he was also flag bearer of his parent’s dreams. He left for other state in order to pursue Aeronautical engineering. Ethan had Kajal on mind at times but looking back was of no use. He had realised this and hence made a practical decision of bringing that undivided attention back in studies. Ethan was right on track now. He had got perfect balance in life, fun along with stable career path. It was the first time he was living outside his home. Though he missed Kajal in between but didn’t feel incomplete. Her memories were obliterated now. Years went and he developed some light moustache and fat on belly. He completed his graduation and got job as Electrical & Instrumentation supervisor at Jamshedpur. He was happy that he has started earning at mere age of 24. Now his frequency of missing Kajal was almost disappeared.

Thanks to series of holidays, Ethan took leave and left for home, he was home after long. He had to attend a close friend’s wedding, complete his some local work and of course wanted to have his mother’s meal which he missed after tasting all the cuisines outside.

The wedding night came, friends gathered at a decided place and left for venue in car.  Kajal crossed his mind often since he had entered his hometown. But each time he smiled and thanked god for those beautiful moments as he knew they won’t be coming again. The reception place was gigantic. Lights were thoughtfully used, counters were nicely decorated. For a moment, one would misinterpret this reception with exhibition of interior designing!  A feeling of jubilation was there in the air. The groom was their engineering batch mate, Gaurav. It was an arranged marriage. The group first decided to reach out to the couple, greet them, give them gifts and then search for some booze. As they were reaching closer to stage, Ethan was stretching his eyes, trying to have a better look. And his eyes were wide open and so was his mouth when he saw Kajal on the stage along with Gaurav. He was perplexed, lost. He wished that there was a tunnel here direct to his home but fantasies had ceased from his life long back. He returned to reality. He was not hurt but he didn’t know how will Kajal react when they both will meet, he didn’t want to make fool of himself so he quickly eloped from the place, sent a text to one of the friends that because of medical urgency he had to leave for home. He then switched off his phone, grabbed a taxi and returned home without having booze or food.

His mom was little surprised as he returned back early, she inquired but what could he say. He was hungry but he was too nervous to ask for it because though he was an educated person, he didn’t have logic of getting hungry again in no minutes after having dinner at reception! His phone was still switched off.

Ethan was not hurt because Kajal was a married girl now. He just didn’t like that Gaurav got such a girl in arrange marriage! He had now huge expectations from his parents though!

Ethan slept peacefully at that night and left for Jamshedpur after his leaves came to end J

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Good Little Things!

Apart from our professional and personal goals, we should also have some selfless goals which are not directed for any individual but for the society at large. Through this blog, I am sharing some of the areas where we can contribute to our planet.

1) All ‘normal’ human beings like to stay at and around clean place. But this gets changed when they are not at their own home. We see people throwing tea cups on road, flying food packets from the vehicles. Just because we don’t live there permanently or there is no penalty for us for doing this, should we do this? If country’s PM considers it top most priority, invests so much in this initiative which is not directly going to flow money in country, shouldn’t we then understand criticality of this issue and show discipline in this? This is the least you can do for the world you live in, to keep it clean. I am not talking about growing trees or watering them but just keep your waste with you and dispose it in garbage ONLY.


2) The life that we are living is co-lived by our family and friends. So we have to be little more careful while dealing with our life. Safety must be brought to our life. To keep it simple: Wear seat belt while driving 4 wheeler, use helmet while driving 2 wheeler. If not HELMET, then HELL MET!! Just because you had invested in your accidental policy, doesn’t mean you have to claim it! Be wise and follow safety rules.



3) Water, such an important resource. Everyone is aware about its increasing scarcity among various places across the world. Water is our physiological need that doesn’t have any substitute if not available. In India some of the states have already started facing scarcity of water. In this time, every bit aimed at saving water matters. Bring small changes. No-one can guide you in it but you yourself. For instance, when you happen to go to washroom, use bucket instead of flush. It might sound odd but it can actually save plenty of water. Give it a thought.




4) I give priority to the charity which does not cost me a penny still it’s very useful. Donating blood is one of them. With increasing diseases, different blood groups are also very much in demand. If you are young and weigh above 50 kg, you can donate blood and trust me, it’s a great experience. It neither causes you weakness nor affects your weight. Just do it!

Blood donation/Silhouettes of hands one giving blood drop, the other receiving

Blood donation/Silhouettes of hands one giving blood drop, the other receiving

5) Birthdays or anniversaries days are special and different than our normal days. Let these days also be special day for needy people. There are countless people living under poverty line. Can we spare 30 minutes for these people and donate them things that they require? Food, clothes etc. It’s a fulfilling experience. It gives you immense positivity and blessings. It makes you value your current life.



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Be your own God

We have benchmark for everything.
For Distance, it’s miles.
For Time, it’s minutes.
For Sadness, it’s tears.
For Happiness, it’s laughter.
For Professional success, it’s money.
For Cars, it’s Rolls-Royce.
For Handsets, it’s Apple, so on and so forth.

The question arises what should be our benchmark? Or who should be our benchmark?
Is it possible to find a person who fits perfectly according to our goals, desires and personality?
Nearly impossible it is as everyone here is unique. So can one have different idols for different purpose? Yes we can have. But in the recent times where we are already filled and bombarded with so many data throught the day, won’t be a good deal to follow only one person rather than whole bunch of people? How is it possible? It can take some time to find that person. To be precise, it won’t take time to “find” that person but to “make” that person. That person is you, yourself.

What if you equip yourself with better and better ways every day? What if you can praise yourself? What if you can criticize yourself? What if you treat everyone the way you want them to treat you? What if you can control your emotions? What if you can swallow the failure and digest the success? What if you can imagine a CCTV camera around you 24*7?

Then you can be your own God, your own benchmark.


It is not possible to talk to your idol every time you need them. Only you can be with yourself everytime. Literally evertyime!! So why not we become our own idol? The basic thing needed for that is Common sense and I hope everyone reading this has it. One should have common sense to differentiate between what is right and what is not. And after that, one should have guts. Guts to face any situation. After finding what is right and what’s wrong, one should be able to make a bold decision. Most of the problems that we face are already sensed by us way before, but we tend to push them for last moment and then create mess. Punish yourself for the wrong; don’t wait for your boss or your mother does that for you. And the same way, pamper yourself for the good; don’t wait for others to make you happy.

There can be 100 advises one can have to make his life better but all will be in vein, if you don’t take ownership of your life.

So take charge.

Be your own God.

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In childhood days, we used to play with magnets and toys which had magnet in it. In those days, it was nothing more than a toy or a science object to experiment with. But now, if I consider magnet, it unfolds many aspects. Some of them are listed below.

  • Non-reactive to plastic


Magnet has one very unique characteristic and that is, it only attracts towards iron material. So anything except iron is of no use with magnet. Consider iron as things that are good for us (love, peace, honesty etc) and plastic as things which are not. (Anger, jealously, corruption etc) We should also become non-reactive to these plastic materials who don’t add any value to ourselves. Become a good person and attract people towards you.

  • North and South Pole (Personal & Professional life)


As we know, magnet has 2 poles. South & North. Consider one as your personal life and another as your professional life. First thing is to understand that a magnet is a magnet if it has both the poles. So you can survive if you can manage both personal life and professional life. And second is, they should be separate. A magnet is not like an eraser whose two ends you can mould and bring together. The same way your personal and professional life should also be separate and both be given due time.

  • Build on basics and increase your worth2

There are toys available who uses magnet but we are not able to see it as magnet is covered by the body. If you give simple magnet to a kid, he won’t play with it for a long time. But if you give him in the form of a toy, he will enjoy toy’s company. The kid doesn’t realise that it is the same magnet which is at the core of the toy. Now the price of that 20 rupee magnet is 200 rupees. And it’s more attractive also!! Hence, it is very necessary that the base on which you build yourself is very strong. So if you have your basics in place, you can go to places!

  • Split into two but it still holds to its quality

Try to split a magnet with a hammer and split it into two pieces. You will see that these two pieces will also act as two separate magnets. It demonstrates to us that even if you fail, even if someone tries to blame you for wrong reason, don’t give up on what you are supposed to do. Consistency is very important for success.

If we remember and try to implement these lessons in our life, it can really bring in the difference in our life.

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Yes, I work in Sales!

Yes, I work in Sales

Yes, my day starts with commitments

Yes, I roam in narrowest lanes of small towns in a search that never ends!

Yes, I consume tea more than I consume water!

Yes, my skin tone get darken one level every month!

Yes, I no longer consider smoking and drinking injurious to health!

Yes, I experience mood swings!

Yes, I spend too little time with family, friends and especially myself!!

Yes, I spend too much time with MS excel and at tea stalls!

Yes, I desperately wait for Saturday evening!

Yes, I no longer value those books who claim to change life in 10 days!!

Yes, I sometimes worry about personal life.

Yes, I look for similar people like me!

Yes, I miss my hobbies!

Yes, I am ambitious.

Yes, I work for money.

Yes, my night ends with commitment vs delivery!

Yes, my next day again starts with commitments!

And guess what, I still CHOSE to work for Sales J

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Love marriage VS Arrange marriage

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of our life just like education, career etc. As a matter of fact, it is THE most important decision. For instance if you are unhappy/dissatisfied with your current job, you can always change the job or go for higher studies. Whereas in case of marriage, it is not that easy. Marriage is a common thread which connects so many people apart from the couple. By marrying someone, you are sharing yourself with someone for the rest of your life which is a big thing.

So this decision needs to be taken with utmost carefulness. There used to be a time when marriages were decided even before the couples could start walking on their own feet! Husbands could see face of their wives directly on the first night! Vice versa too! Marriages were decided not basis of likings of the couple but of the 2 families. I can understand the logic that family members knew each other well so they felt it better to fix a marriage prior. But what about the poor couple? Of course, we don’t see these kinds of things now-a-days much.

I being a typical management student, will start from starting. Marriages are of two types: 1) Arranged marriage & 2) Love marriage. Both have their pros and cons! But somehow, I still go with the second option. Reason is simple. It is good to have a known enemy rather than an unknown!

Generally you would have seen elders saying arrange marriages are better because we know the family of the other person very well. That’s pretty much ok but is it necessary that their son/daughter will be as good as the family? And even if, he/she is good, is it written on a stamp paper that they will enjoy each other’s company for the rest of their lives just because their parents THINK the same is going to happen? Parents have obviously honest motive behind arrange marriage but I quite often see this system of arrange marriage not working. Reason is simple. Now-a-days people don’t have that much of a patience to bear unnecessary demands/orders/bull@#*t of the other person. And I don’t think it is wrong either. Everyone has full right to live their life in their own way. You can’t expect them to surrender to your orders just because he/she is your husband/wife. This is the thing that I don’t like in arrange marriages. It should have been actually called ‘Adjust’ marriages! Why to adjust? Is it a 3 hour journey from one station to another? No. It’s a lifelong journey. Then why not spend it with a passenger of your own choice?

The worst thing in the life is to have regret. Never let your feelings go unsaid or unheard. I am not a love guru. I have full time job to earn money! But what I urge to every youth is to stand up for yourself, not literally but give your love a respectable amount of time and effort.

Arrange marriage is not at all a bad concept. But if you love someone, at least make sure that the person also is aware about the same. Blunder would occur if two kept on waiting for some angel to come in between and help them. It’s not going to happen dude.

If you don’t like someone, no need to have pity on him/her. That decision taken under pressure/hurry/casualness can affect your life majorly. You may get divorce and you would never gather enough strength to marry someone again or you may also find prefect life partner in that person. It is all about what YOU FEEL. I expect when a person reaches over 20, he has that level of maturity to decide his/her partner. No qualification is required to do screening of your partner. It may be possible that your parents would not like him/her but if you think that it’s not worth missing, go for it. At the end of the day, one should live life with no regrets.

Cheers! Happy Searching! 🙂



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The Great Gujarati Shopping Season

Once I was at a shopping mall to maximize my ROI as there were some huge discounts being offered by the owners. And as everyone knows, for typical Gujarati family, sale is supposed to be a family event where each and every member is supposed to investigate each and every corner of mall for the ultimate search for the most appropriate clothes!


I bounced into seeing one such Gujju family that day. As it generally happens. an elderly looking lady was the chief of the mission ‘Molest The Mall’ and gave clear cut direction to her all family members that the this mission is divided into 2 steps. In the first step, family members are supposed to go all over the mall and search for his/her most suitable apparel, the price of which has already been bifurcated by that lady member wise!  And in the second and the final stage, all family members had to face that lady (probably grandmother) for one on one interview where she will announce whether a particular apparel has won itself a freedom from that mall or not!

So the mission ‘Molest The Mall’ started. Family members spread in the vicinity like ants run after being caught eating up sweet stuff from the kitchen!  Some went to ladies department; some went to men’s and etc etc. Lady was watching her troop taking over the mall with a sense of pride! The search for most suitable apparel lasted for about 30 minutes. You would be thinking it’s really a quick work by members but you are missing one thing, they are still supposed to cross last hurdle and that is one on one face up with the big boss or I rather say big bossy!

And here was something unusual happened. The lady went ahead to take charge of the security personnel’s chair who was controlling crowd entering and exiting trial rooms. That man gave her his chair. I don’t know whether that was out of respect or out of fear but the bottom-line is now that lady will observe her family members one by one as they try their partially purchased apparels to her and give her final verdict. Final round started, one by one the doors were opening and closing and lady was recording the cost of each and every item and was noting the grand total of it as there was some more 15% cash back if the total exceeds some particular amount.  That poor security guy was baffling and scared too as he has lost his chair temporarily and was probably praying that no-one from the mall authority rushes there at this time otherwise he will lose his chair permanently! Lady was continuously keeping a check on the total amount and shunned some of the selected stuff also as they were not included in the cash-back offer!  Finally after another 30 minutes of ruckus, finalists of the mission were announced! She made sure that everyone gets something or the other at the end of the shopping. Everyone was happy and started marching towards the not so favorite area of shopping which is billing counter! They reached the counter and a small kid asked that lady. ‘Granny! Why didn’t you buy anything for yourself?’ and everyone in the family suddenly turned to that lady and gave a look of respect. Even I waiting at the other counter watched that lady with admiration. And suddenly she breaks the silence and takes out a big shopping bag which she had shopped for herself from that 15% cash-back!

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